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92. Marc Anidjar, Anidjar & Levine — The Secret Sauce for Managing and Marketing

From perfecting the yellow pages promotion strategy, to mastering the modern marketing ‘Holy Trinity’ of radio, TV and web, Marc Anidjar has always been interested in making the most of advertising. As his practice, Anidjar & Levine, has gone from strength to strength, Marc has been able to experiment with his marketing strategy, while also developing his managerial style for an ever expanding team.

In today’s episode, Marc shares with us his do’s and don’ts for marketing a law firm, his approach to managing a growing practice, and how relationships play a big role in both.

What’s In This Episode

  • Who is Marc Anidjar?
  • How does Marc adapt his management style to suit his staff and optimize team performance?
  • What is Marc’s ‘Holy Trinity’ approach to marketing?
  • How can strong relationships with your advertisers assist growth?
  • Why does Marc recommend buying advertising in cash rather than accumulating debt?
  • What factors should you consider when deciding where, when and how to expand your practice?

92. Marc Anidjar, Anidjar & Levine — The Secret Sauce for Managing and Marketing

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