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90. Matt Wolfe, Evergreen Profits — Perfecting Your Podcast Promotion

Matt Wolfe is one half of the dynamic duo that hosts the spectacularly successful Hustle & Flowchart podcast. Described by the pair as ‘A Life Improvement Podcast Masquerading As A Business Podcast’, the show is jam packed with advice on a wide range of topics, provided not only by the guests, but by the hosts themselves. 

Matt’s background in blogging pairs perfectly with co-host Joe Fier’s visual media experience, and having spoken to Joe last week, it’s a pleasure to hear Matt fill in the rest of their story. Matt and I chat about how the podcast has encouraged and acted upon audience feedback, why constant positivity might not be the best way to build trust, and the role of blogging in today’s marketing landscape.

 What’s In This Episode? 

  • Who is Matt Wolfe?
  • How can you utilize a blog to help grow your podcast?
  • Why is it so important to give honest, balanced reviews and opinions?
  • What are the best ways to increase listener participation and feedback?
  • Is there a secret to effective podcast promotion?
  • What impact does optimizing SEO for your guest’s name have?

90. Matt Wolfe, Evergreen Profits — Perfecting Your Podcast Promotion

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