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89. Joe Fier, Evergreen Profits — How to Find, Book, and Interview your Dream Guests

Joe Fier and Matt Wolfe have been working together since the very start of their careers. In 2017, their partnership led to both the founding of Evergreen Profits, and the launch of the Hustle & Flowchart Podcast. Four Hundred episodes later, the show has seen an impressive range of guests, from some of the biggest names in marketing to hugely successful entrepreneurs. 

In this two part special, we get the rare opportunity to chat individually with each of the hosting duo, and learn about their individual roles within the process. Joe’s specialty lies with networking and visual design, and in this episode, he shares the best methods to connect you with your dream guests, as well as how to effectively use visual media to grow your brand and promote your business.

 What’s In This Episode? 

  • Who is Joe Fier?
  • How can visuals be used cohesively to create a brand, and connect with an audience? 
  • What is Joe’s secret to getting such big names on the Hustle & Flowchart podcast? 
  • How has Hustle & Flowchart changed over the years, both in terms of process, and content?
  • Will podcast networks change the landscape of podcasting?
  • Is it crucial to pick a niche when launching a podcast?
  • What should a host do when they aren’t understanding and/or connecting with a guest?

89. Joe Fier, Evergreen Profits — How to Find, Book, and Interview your Dream Guests

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