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Welcome to Personal Injury Marketing Mastermind

We’ve got exciting news: we’re rebranding! The Rankings Podcast is now Personal Injury Marketing Mastermind (or PIMM for short.) We’ve heard what you had to say, you want a show that’s 100% focused on Personal Injury Marketing. This is that show. Each week, we’ll be talking to PI all-stars to hear the marketing strategies that they rode to the top, all to get you more clients and more cases. It’s not just SEO anymore; we’re talking everything marketing. You’re going to get the whole nine yards.

And the fun doesn’t stop there! We’re creating a Facebook community where you can connect and collaborate with other PIMM listeners to hear what’s new in the world of PI. You’ll also be able to interact with me, as well as the incredible guests we have on our show. Thanks for sticking with us, we can’t wait to get started. Welcome to PIMM!

Welcome to Personal Injury Marketing Mastermind

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