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You’re the Best
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So Why Is Inferior Competition Outranking You on Google?

You’ve won six, seven, and eight-figure case results. You’ve been practicing for over a decade. You’ve won industry awards and have been invited to speak as a distinguished expert at conferences.

Yet when you Google [Your City] plus [Your Practice Area], what do you see?

You’re on page 2 or 3.

And even worse…

The attorneys ranking above you are…to put it politely…not on your level.

You’re being beat out by upstart attorneys barely 2 years out of law school. Firms who have never won a big settlement. Lawyers hardly anyone in your field has ever heard of.

And yet, they’re outranking you!

Why is this happening?

I know it’s infuriating, but the good news is:

Once You Understand This Simple SEO Secret,

You Can Crush Your Competition

Here’s the good news:

Your reputation as an attorney has very little to do with
your ability to rank on the first page of Google.

Instead, you need someone who
is as competitive as you fighting
for your SEO rankings.

This is the key. You can’t do it alone.

You would cringe if a potential client told you they were thinking of representing themselves in court. There are few greater disasters for a client.

You should never try to represent yourself “pro se” in the court of SEO. It’s just as disastrous for you as if your potential clients did it in court.

That’s why your competition is beating you. Even though their skills or experience may not match yours, they realized this one insight…and are beating you because of it.

You’re representing yourself in the court of Google, and your competition hired counsel.

SEO is a production game. You have to have extreme amounts of consistent execution to rank in the most competitive markets.

All of this takes time, effort, and most of all, expertise.

Let the experts do it for you.

You’re the expert in your field.
We’re experts in legal SEO.

Don’t Represent Yourself in the Court of Google

Join Us for a Free, 1-on-1, 30-Minute
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Get on the phone with our top SEO strategist, and discuss your needs, frustrations, and goals for your SEO. Whether you choose to work with us or not, after your free 30-minute Exploratory Consultation, you’re going to come away with 3 invaluable things:


An initial diagnosis of why your current SEO efforts aren’t working for you.


A clear understanding of the main ways your SEO could be improved.


An invitation for a detailed, personalized SEO Discovery competitive analysis.

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John Gomez

“We quickly began ranking either number one or first page of every desired search term. Visits to our website and conversions have both increased dramatically.”

John Gomez, Gomez Trial Attorneys

About me

You Only Play
the Game for One Reason: to Win

Since I was a kid, I’ve been obsessed with games, and more to the point, obsessed with winning them.

From winning basketball tournaments, to state-level collectible card game koteis, to a $224,020.55 payout in a poker tournament, I always revelled in figuring out the inner mechanics of the game and using them to my advantage.

You as a personal injury lawyer are as obsessed with winning as I am. So it’s no surprise I’ve taken my lifelong passion and skill and focused it towards helping YOU win the game of SEO.

Anyone Can Make You Promises…

We Can Give You Proof!

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Stewart J. Guss, Attorney at Law

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We Rank #1 on Google for

“SEO for Lawyers”

“I’m going up against competing firms that have multi-million advertising budgets – and we beat all of them.”

Gabriel Levin, The Levin Firm

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